Tooth structure compared to dental implant in Buenos Aires ArgentinaWhat is the implant made of?

Dental implants are made of biocompatible titanium.

What is the procedure for placing an implant in my bone?

The gum tissue is opened to expose the bone area where the implant will be placed. In situations where there is insufficient bone structure, bone grafting may be a recommended procedure.

Once healthy bone material has been established, a special drill is used to prepare the bone to receive the implant. Then the implant is placed and the tissue is sutured.

dental implant site preparationHow does the implant attach to my bone?

The implant is fixed to the bone by a process called ‘osseointegration’, part of the body’s natural healing process. It usually takes between three to six months for the implant to become part of the bone.

When can I get a crown over my implant?

After three to six months has elapsed, your specialist will conduct a further examination to ensure osseointegration was successful. The implant will need to be re-exposed in a short operation before a prosthetic specialist may begin work.

How is the crown made over the implant?

A special post called an `abutment´ is attached to the implant. It is the support for the new porcelain crown. Today’s technologies often include zirconium abutments attached to the implant, to assure that the new porcelain tooth possesses translucency properties similar to a natural tooth.

Prosthetic over implants in dental office dentist Buenos Aires ArgentinaAfter impressions are taken a crown is made and shaded to match your existing teeth. The crown is then slipped over the abutment and cemented.

You are now the proud owner of a completed implant; the final prosthetic crown appears as a natural tooth.

Can I have a dental bridge or complete set of dentures over my implant?

In many cases, dental implants are incorporated into an overall treatment plan that might focus on the replacement of several teeth. Some patients have the option of replacing each affected tooth with a new implant, depending upon the condition of bone material. Other treatment plans may recommend implants for anchoring bridges and dentures.

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